Julius Elias

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WHO? Julius Elias (he,him) is a DJ, producer and acoustics enthusiast. He is interested in a wide range of music styles and his productions range from broken and deep techno vibes to driving hard techno and trance tracks. Always energetic, never cheesy.
Sometimes, with an alter ego, he even serves dreamy crowds with slow electronic tunes.
Apart from that he does science stuff and coding, sometimes combining both.




2024: Played at Tanztee - Schlachthaus Tübingen, Krach am Bach Festival, Schelling Sommerfest: 20 Jahre Hauskauf,
<2024: Zelle Reutlingen, Ract! Festival Aftershow - Epplehaus Tü, Exposure Therapy Recs - Club Butterbrezel Tü, ITZ Opening - Theatre Tü, Housing Projects ♥ Aftershows and Summer Parties - Lichtenstein - Schelling - Bläsikelter - Sachsenhaus - Rothenburg - Luginsland - Nicaria, and many more,
Did sound design for VREEDOM, an internationally performing virtual reality theatre performance

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