Julius Elias

What's up?

Subtly Nervous was released on Exposure Therapy Rec's Eclecticism. Get it!


WHO? Julius Elias is a DJ, producer and acoustics enthusiast. His musical style ranges from deep to hard techno including track findings from nights digging for the most driving tunes, own productions and classics from pioneers of electronic music. Always energetic, never cheesy.




Played at Tanztee @ Schlachthaus / Aftershows @ Rothenburg / Exposure Therapy @ Club Butterbrezel / Sommerfest @ Bläsikelter / Helloween @ Luginsland / Ract! Festival Aftershow @ Epplehaus / Maskenball @ Haus Lichtenstein / Sommerfest @ Sachsenhaus / Reutlingen @ Zelle / ITZ Opening @ Löwen / Sommerparty @ Nicaria / @ many more / Did sound design for Vreedom, a virtual reality theatre performance / Do coding, mixing, sound setups and acoustics

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